Protecting Yourself From COVID


COVID had taken its toll on everyone the past year.  For many of us, we are tired of hearing about it and just want our lives to go back to normal.  However, many are still experiencing COVID-19 symptoms that need to be addressed.  If this is you or you know someone that is still suffering, here are some tips to help.

Stay within your circle or influence

Many of us have a small group of people that we deal with on a daily basis.  So, if any of them start to experience symptoms than we can step up and help them out.  When we stay within our circle we are not infecting others and we are not allowing them to possibly infect others. 

Practice general hygiene

If anything, this has shown us that we need to practice better hygiene.  We need to make sure that we wash our hands, cover our mouth and nose when we cough and sneeze and we need to be mindful of others since our actions can have costly ramifications.

Monitor yourself

You are the only one that can help prevent the spread of the virus.  You need to think of everything that you do and monitor yourself.  If you feel tired or have a cough or cold then plan to go to the store later or earlier.  If you can avoid going anywhere and order in instead, then that will help prevent the spread.

COVID-19 symptoms

Don’t stress

When we stress out over every symptom or action of another, we will drive ourselves nuts.  We need to reduce stress in our lives and just live our lives as we see fit.  Taking extra steps to ensure our safety and the safety of others is a must and should be observed.  However, if we freak out or just overreact, then we are not doing anyone any good.