Massage Etiquette 101


For those that have never gone for a massage or even thought they would like to go, taking a day for yourself to go will be one of the best investments you can make in yourself.  For those that are looking for a massage near me in Lexington KY, here are some procedures and common etiquette practices you should follow.


No one wants to rub a sweaty person.  The day of your massage make sure that you take a shower and clean all of your vital areas.  You will also want to refrain from using lotions and other perfumes on your body.  Just clean up and head on in.

What should I talk about with my therapist?

When it comes to conversations with your massage therapist you don’t really have to talk that much.  What you can do is go in and tell them any aches and pains you may be feeling and any areas you are sensitive to.  From there just lay back and enjoy the massage.

Should I be totally naked?

One of the biggest drawbacks people draw when going in for a massage is that they have to be totally naked under the towel.  This is not the case.  You can be as undressed as you feel comfortable being.  For women, taking off the bra will be a great idea since you can cover yourself with a towel.  For men, you can also cover yourself with a towel if you feel self-conscious.

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What if I don’t like what they are doing?

This is your time and your massage.  If they are hurting you or if you don’t like the massage, tell them.  When going in for a massage it is all about you and your comfort level.  If you are uncomfortable and don’t feel right, then say so.  The therapist can adjust their routine to customize your experience.