Why Get a Mammogram?


“What’s the point of getting a mammogram?” That question is on many people’s minds. When we talk to our patients about why they should get one, there are often several responses, along with a lot of confusion. It is important for women and their doctors to be able to discuss this issue openly and honestly, and it’s something that should be discussed as early as possible.

For those of you who have never had a mammogram screening in Fair Lawn or are not sure why it was ordered, let’s start with the basics. Mammograms can provide important information to guide breast cancer treatment decisions and help save lives. Most women will experience some type of abnormal cell change in their breasts at some time in their lives; more than 400,000 per year are diagnosed with breast cancer. Mammograms are safe, simple, low-dose x-rays that can help find breast cancer when it’s easiest to treat and most likely to be found early.

Some women feel uncomfortable getting a mammogram because they are afraid of radiation or the pain of compression. Most women who have had both a mammogram and an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) say that the discomfort of getting a mammogram is less than they expected, while the pain from breast compression during an MRI is much worse than they’d imagined. A mammogram does expose women to low levels of radiation-much less than you are exposed to every day by going about your business in this world.

mammogram screening in Fair Lawn

Communicate with your doctor and see what it is that you can do. Learn about all of your options and be sure that you can find the best solutions. By getting a mammogram early on, you can prevent cancer and make sure that you can live a healthy, fulfilling life.

Massage Etiquette 101


For those that have never gone for a massage or even thought they would like to go, taking a day for yourself to go will be one of the best investments you can make in yourself.  For those that are looking for a massage near me in Lexington KY, here are some procedures and common etiquette practices you should follow.


No one wants to rub a sweaty person.  The day of your massage make sure that you take a shower and clean all of your vital areas.  You will also want to refrain from using lotions and other perfumes on your body.  Just clean up and head on in.

What should I talk about with my therapist?

When it comes to conversations with your massage therapist you don’t really have to talk that much.  What you can do is go in and tell them any aches and pains you may be feeling and any areas you are sensitive to.  From there just lay back and enjoy the massage.

Should I be totally naked?

One of the biggest drawbacks people draw when going in for a massage is that they have to be totally naked under the towel.  This is not the case.  You can be as undressed as you feel comfortable being.  For women, taking off the bra will be a great idea since you can cover yourself with a towel.  For men, you can also cover yourself with a towel if you feel self-conscious.

massage near me in Lexington KY

What if I don’t like what they are doing?

This is your time and your massage.  If they are hurting you or if you don’t like the massage, tell them.  When going in for a massage it is all about you and your comfort level.  If you are uncomfortable and don’t feel right, then say so.  The therapist can adjust their routine to customize your experience.

The Common Types of Home Repairs Homeowners Face


There are so many types of home repairs done every single year, and a big part of being a homeowner is making sure you stay up to date on keeping your home safe and sound. Part of this process involves having your house inspected and repaired when needed, but what are the most common types of home repairs?

If you find yourself in need of any of the following repairs around your house, don’t hesitate to contact your local home repair services in draper ut to get it done safely and professionally.

home repair services in draper ut

Roof Repairs

Everyone depends on their roof to keep them safe from rain and the elements, so why not make sure it is protected? Anytime you have your home inspected, make sure you have the roof checked as well. If you ever get the urge to check it on your own, make sure you are careful – you don’t want to run the risk of getting up on your roof alone and falling down.

HVAC-Related Repairs

You rely on your HVAC system every day to help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and if it goes out, your family could be left in the hot or the cold. Don’t let it get to that point – make sure you have your heating and air conditioner checked by a professional and repaired if necessary so you never have to worry about your heater or AC going out when you need it the most.

Repairs Related to Water Damage

Over time, water damage can build up and become even more problematic for your home. The longer water damage is able to settle, the worse it can get – often allowing mildew and eventually, mold to take form. It is important to check your home at least once or twice a year to ensure you don’t have any water damage, and if you do, to get it taken care of promptly before it can lead to further complications.

These are some of the most common repairs homeowners frequently find themselves in need of. Don’t forget to have your own home inspected when needed, and get in touch with the pros if you need to have something repaired so you can have the peace of mind knowing everything is good to go around your house. 

Bypassing Bypass Surgery


This short introductory note in no way bypasses the actual surgery that might need to be done at some stage of any one person’s life. But if one such person is fortunate enough to have no hereditary factors to consider, or has time on his or her side, he or she could very well bypass the coronary artery bypass in Hilton Head. But as for those who might have to face up to it someday, they could still be on a long-term road of recovery and good, healthy living.  

The thing about coronary artery bypass surgery and all other related surgeries is that likely success rates will be a lot higher than in the past owing to the advancements made in the realm of science, technology and medicine. Patients’ recovery rates are also a lot quicker too. But in the interim, there is much that any one man or woman can do to avoid having to face up to such surgeries. That is to say that there are no hereditary factors and he or she still has time on his or her side.  

coronary artery bypass in Hilton Head

Indeed, even if there were hereditary factors at play, it remains possible for men and women to endure with long and healthy lives without ever having to resort to the likes of coronary bypass surgery. But perhaps for this some form of knowledge empowerment is required. And that may also require the input of the specialist medical practitioner who deals solely in matters of the heart or associated areas.

For instance, that specialist medical practitioner could be practicing medicine that addresses the chronic issues of obesity. And do note that in order to be characterised as obese, you do not necessarily have to be overweight. Won’t you live long and healthy lives.  

Protecting Yourself From COVID


COVID had taken its toll on everyone the past year.  For many of us, we are tired of hearing about it and just want our lives to go back to normal.  However, many are still experiencing COVID-19 symptoms that need to be addressed.  If this is you or you know someone that is still suffering, here are some tips to help.

Stay within your circle or influence

Many of us have a small group of people that we deal with on a daily basis.  So, if any of them start to experience symptoms than we can step up and help them out.  When we stay within our circle we are not infecting others and we are not allowing them to possibly infect others. 

Practice general hygiene

If anything, this has shown us that we need to practice better hygiene.  We need to make sure that we wash our hands, cover our mouth and nose when we cough and sneeze and we need to be mindful of others since our actions can have costly ramifications.

Monitor yourself

You are the only one that can help prevent the spread of the virus.  You need to think of everything that you do and monitor yourself.  If you feel tired or have a cough or cold then plan to go to the store later or earlier.  If you can avoid going anywhere and order in instead, then that will help prevent the spread.

COVID-19 symptoms

Don’t stress

When we stress out over every symptom or action of another, we will drive ourselves nuts.  We need to reduce stress in our lives and just live our lives as we see fit.  Taking extra steps to ensure our safety and the safety of others is a must and should be observed.  However, if we freak out or just overreact, then we are not doing anyone any good.